Rewards - Blondie Bucks

Hey Babe! 
Have you signed up for our Blondie Bucks yet?! If not, click the widget in the bottom left corner of our website to get started.
I’m sure you’re wondering how to earn points and what they’ll get you. Here’s the breakdown:
Earning Points:
First things first - you'll get 15 points, just by signing up. The easiest way to earn more points is to shop with us - you’ll get 1 point for every $1 you spend. You can also earn more points for other cool things! Like when you celebrate your Birthday by shopping with us, you’ll get 25 points. Or if you Share us on Facebook you can get 10 points and Following us on Instagram gets you 15!
What You Get:
So what do the points earn you? Well, to make it simple, points equal coupons. 
500 Points = $5.00 off
750 Points = $10.00 off
1,500 Points = $15.00 off
Member Tiers:
You want to know the best part? Every time you shop with us, you get closer to levelling up! Become a Gold, Silver or Bronze member to earn even more points!
100 Bonus Points for reaching Bronze status
250 Bonus Points for reaching Silver status
500 Bonus Points for reaching Gold status
We’re so excited to have you as a member! Don’t forget to tag us on social media and share your OOTDs with us - we LOVE seeing how our Blondie Babes style their Blondie goodies.