About Us

The Blondie Boutique brand story:
Blondie Boutique is a Canadian based fashion brand with a global soul. What started from humble beginnings for founder Megan Andre in 2017, has now become one of Canada’s fastest growing brands, offering cutting edge, high quality clothing & accessory products at comfortable prices. The mission of the company remaining the same; to make all who wear the brand feel beautiful, BOLD and powerful.

With a desire to provide gorgeous occasion and casual wear, Blondie Boutique believes that clothing is the best tool to be BOLD and express your inner YOU. Whether you are going for a casual, sexy, fierce or formal look, our goal at Blondie is simply to let your imagination loose without regrets. Never look back; always look forward... Because you are wearing CLOTHES WITH AN ATTITUDE!

Timeless, whimsical and beautiful, each item is made to be worn again and again…and again. Extending the feel-good ethos to the production side of the business, each piece is sourced or designed in-house, by the founder herself. With all samples ethically produced by factories overseas.

What’s next you ask?  Well to the MOON… dressed in Blondie Boutique of course.