Wedding Guest Guide

Wedding season is upon us and the invitations are starting to roll in. Once you’ve sent in your RSVP, now the real fun begins! Deciding on what to wear to a wedding can be a challenge, and a lot of invitations are often include a dress code suggestion which will definitely help you narrow down your options. However, just because the list has been narrowed down doesn’t always make the task of picking out an outfit anymore daunting.

One of the most common questions wedding guest have is, “What do I wear?” Don’t you worry, we are here to lend you a helping hand! We’ve narrowed down some of the most common wedding venue themes to help you in your search.


When you hear, “Black Tie Wedding,” you know you’re going to want to dress to the nines! We’ve got some amazing options here at Blondie Boutique that will definitely give you the best dressed title you deserve. Think glitz and glam.


Light and flowing dresses that don’t cling to the body are going to a saving grace. There’s nothing worse then having sweat marks on your beautiful dress or feeling suffocated from the heat. Think light and breezy!


Garden and Vineyard weddings are becoming more and more popular as each season passes. Don’t mistake a Garden Party or Vineyard wedding to be casual. Although they are not as formal as black tie it is generally a semi formal dress code. Think floral and whimsical!


Western and Country weddings are always a yee hawing good time! They can range from semi formal to dressy casual, but your invitation will generally guide you to the dress code the bride and groom are going for. Think lace and boots!